Divine Femme Portraits


You know you're a Divine Goddess.

You've overcome thousands of years of patriarchy to stand in your authentic expression and reclaim your Queendom.

Let's immortalize it on a canvas.

Be witnessed by an artist who can see your magick. 

Throughout art history, womxn primarily have been portrayed through and for the male gaze. This shapes how we see ourselves and we need more images celebrating our innate wisdom.
Let's honor your liberation and amplify femme empowerment. Let the world know that the Goddess has risen.
My mission is to celebrate wild womxn through Divine Feminine portraits (and manifest more of them for the greater good of all.)
If you're reading this, you were brought here for a reason. You are the liberated, powerhouse muse that I love to celebrate on a canvas!
Let's co-create an original oil painting of yourself and symbology that's significant to your journey.
Moon Goddess
Painting is a powerful tool to manifest anything you're working towards. Our subconscious mind doesn't register words, it understands symbols. Having a visual reference for what you are becoming is the fastest way to communicate to your mind what you intend to materialize.
The investment for this heARTwork is $2.400 or 4 monthly payments of $650.
This includes:
~A consultation where we dive deep to get to know what is your souls purpose here on Earth and what you are calling in.
~18x24" oil painting encoded with intention and symbols for your highest evolution. (Contact me for a quote for a larger canvas.) 
~A 3 card Tarot spread signifying your past, present and future. 
Fat Goddesses
***The artist retains all copyrights to the work. This price is for the original painting only. Licensing for reproduction or business promotion can be arranged for an additional cost.

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