Common Misconceptions About Romantic Relationships (V-DAY rant)

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I’ve spent over 11 magical years with this Goddess and I feel incredibly blessed to have met my match of stubbornness (5xCap meets triple Taurus with Aries ascendant). It went like a blink of an eye and I feel more high now than I did during the infatuation stage (the honeymoon). Majority of people we meet get flabbergasted when we tell them how long we’ve been together. Then they try to rationalize it with either “enjoy it while it lasts, it definitely won’t be like this forever” or “one day I’ll meet someone who’s perfect like that for me”.
I usually bite my tongue and today I’m letting it loose. To the first type of people, fuck you. Take responsibility instead of trauma dumping. Just because you’ve failed to be honest with yourself and communicate your feelings to your partner long before your resentment put out the flame, doesn’t mean that’s the case for other people. Our goal is not to die together but to be brutally authentic with each other. That’s the only definition of love I’m interested in. If we ever decide to part ways, we will not love each other any less than we do now. We don’t depend on each other to validate our lovability. And what we share is not due to lack of incompatibilities.
To the people that idealize us, let me burst your bubble. All relationships take work. We’ve become extremely skilled at conflict resolution & identifying and communicating boundaries. The only way people get skilled at something is by having a whole lot of practice and failures. We’re up for a good challenge and learning harmonious human relating was the toughest one we’ve ever taken on. Neither of us have ever been modeled a healthy relationship growing up. We’re figuring this out for ourselves. So no, we didn’t get lucky and magically meet “the one”.
We earned everything we share together because we decided it’s worth the effort and the heartbreaks. When people say they’re done with “karmic relationships” and are ready for an easy one, I giggle inside. Because your relationships begin and end with you, not the people out there. Why do you think we meet the same demons in every partner we choose? And even in the platonic & professional relationships if you pay attention. Those are just usually not as vulnerable. Unless you’re ready to take responsibility for your part, people will continue to disappoint you.
Wishing you all so much love in every way shape and form. Self love, platonic love, God’s love, romantic love, infatuation, family/tribe love, pet love, nature love. It’s always been there and will be there, let’s not let our childhood wounds and conditioning keep us blind to it. Let’s get swallowed up in Eros.

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