About Domè Moon

Dome Moon Artist

Domè Moon is a Lithuanian born painter and illustrator based in Crestone, Colorado. 

Experiencing a lot of loss early in life and overcoming addictions has taught her to transmute pain and suffering into a healing energy that she channels into the arts. Her work explores themes of death and rebirth, the Divine Feminine and occultism.

The intention for this art is to help us remember that we are connected to one another, our environment and the Divine. 

Domè has been devoted to the path of Ashtanga yoga for over 4 years. It keeps her rooted to the Earth while being open to channeling higher wisdom. 

She's currently pursuing a tattoo apprenticeship with Rd DeSoto at Subciety Tattoo Gallery. Her goal is to hold ceremonial blood rites as a means of self initiation to aid in personal transformation. Rite of passage ceremonies were a crucial part of all ancient cultures that are being lost in the modern, western world. 

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