• Common Misconceptions About Romantic Relationships (V-DAY rant)

    I’ve spent over 11 magical years with this Goddess and I feel incredibly blessed to have met my match of stubbornness (5xCap meets triple Taurus ...
  • Tribalism vs Individualism

    Hopefully what I’m sharing is not too controversial. If it is… I’d rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I am not. These words want t...
  • I Tried To Spiritually Bypass Patriarchy

     I’m paraphrasing, but he proclaimed that we do not live in a patriarchy because women rule the world. Women are so powerful that men are willing to do anything for pussy, men are even willing to KILL for pussy.
  • The Bullshit We're Conditioned to Believe About Romantic Relationships

    It's been nearly a decade since I’ve fallen madly in love with this magical being and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world but not for the reasons you may think. 
  • Sisterhood Wound

    The ancestral trauma of living in a patriarchal society that has left our women living in constant judgement and competition with one another, rather than being a source of strength and inspiration to each other.
  • Your Voice Matters

    We each have a unique perspective and a certain set of circumstances that allow us to see things that other people cannot. It is our responsibility...
  • Me Too

    Silence is one common way that we all uphold the patriarchy nightmare we’re currently living in.
  • Are you insulting people with your compliments?

    An older woman sitting next to me at the restaurant looks me up and down:

    “What are you like a double zero?!”

  • Visionary Painting Intensive with Allyson and Alex Grey

    Let's just say it was life changing!!! The whole trip was so miraculously, perfectly aligned and I met so much of my soul tribe. Long before I even...