Visionary Painting Intensive with Allyson and Alex Grey

Let's just say it was life changing!!!

The whole trip was so miraculously, perfectly aligned and I met so much of my soul tribe. Long before I even got to NY I had so many heartfelt interactions that felt very reassuring on my path.

The Greys are so gracious, intuitive and ambitious. They have built a temple for visionary art and a supportive, global community. CoSM is in Wappingers Falls, upstate NY. It's on 40 acres of luscious greenery, with a beautiful nature walk featuring sculptures by various artists. Seeing the large originals by Alex and Allyson is an other worldly experience. I highly suggest that you visit that place! They throw events for full and new moons and other occasions.

I learned so much from the masters and even more from my peers. But the biggest take away from my trip is seeing how invaluable art is in the evolution of consciousness.

The Greys' positive impact on people is immeasurable. Alex's paintings validate so many people's spiritual experiences and inspires dialogue that furthers our evolution. This work unities people in their transcendental experiences.

This is very important to me because being an artist is not always easy. I feel that it chose me rather than the other way around. Realizing how important of a contribution art is was the greatest gift I could have received. I am so inspired, focused and clearly guided.

 It was suggested that we work on 2 paintings during the intensive. A self portrait and one other piece.

Both of these pictured are in progress. I was hesitant to do the second piece but through a series of conversations I was very clearly guided that this is the painting that wanted to be born at CoSM. It poured out of me effortlessly and all of the symbology still continues to blow my mind. When Alex Grey saw this composition he was taken back because he has been sketching the same archetype since he moved to that beautiful, sacred land. This painting is a tribute to a long lost ancient ritual of offering menstrual blood to mother Earth. It is believed that when we stopped practicing this ritual is when we started fighting wars and sacrificing blood another way.

This piece since has been completed and prints are coming soon.

I'm still in awe from this experience and I hope to return to CoSM soon, to study and to celebrate. I feel so inspired and motivated to focus on my work and all of the projects that have been germinating in me for so long. I'm so grateful that my artist family keeps growing and I'm excited for what the future holds.

Blessed Be!





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