Sisterhood Wound

The ancestral trauma of living in a patriarchal society that has left our women living in constant judgement and competition with one another, rather than being a source of strength and inspiration to each other.



I was about 10 yrs old when I learned that other girls are not to be trusted. I attended an after school program for young models where I was regularly late. One day, some of the girls took everyone’s stuff in the dressing room, hid it and then blamed it on me because I was the last one to arrive. Everyone believed them and I was really hurt by the fact that they conspired against me even though I barely knew them. But instead of feeling that pain I “toughened up” and built up a wall around my heart that would keep me from truly connecting to women for the next two decades. “They’re just jealous of me” I told myself.

This story has infinite versions that create the “Me vs The World” mentality that our culture is so badly suffering from.

Thousands of years of betrayals and here we are finally ready to face that pain and transcend this bullshit pattern. Let’s build a future of cooperation where we celebrate our diversity and move through the world in a way that makes our descendants proud.

I recently had the most healing experience communing with 15 women at a weekend retreat. Every moment of that experience was so potent and beautiful, but there was one thing that really changed me forever. Before I departed we sat in a circle and each woman was asked to describe me in one word.

Everything that they said were things I so badly aspire to be but struggle to see within myself. Then they sent loving energy my way and I could literally feel my entire nervous system convulsing. I had never felt that much love from my sisterhood in my entire life and I had never met any of these women before. I had no idea how much I needed it or how life changing and empowering it would be.

I am so inspired, I walk with so much more confidence and I feel so embodied in my purpose here on Earth.

If you have an opportunity to attend a sister circle or a red tent in your community, I highly recommend it. Luckily, brother healing circles are gaining momentum as well.

If you feel comfortable, feel free to share your earliest memories of betrayal. The only way out is through and sharing it can be very healing. Blessed Be!

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