Your Voice Matters

We each have a unique perspective and a certain set of circumstances that allow us to see things that other people cannot. It is our responsibility to communicate our point of view and speak up for those who don’t have that privilege.

✨ I have this terrible habit of thinking that once I realize or learn something, that the rest of the world now knows it as well or they’ll soon figure it out. And by staying silent I rob the world of my unique perspective.

✨ I happen to fall within many marginalized groups, yet within every one of them I hit the privilege lottery. I’m a woman, but I fall within the western beauty standards of being slim, blonde, blue eyed, appearing younger than my age.

✨ I’m an immigrant, but i’m white and most people can’t spot my accent. Many times I’ve witnessed systematic racism that allowed me privileges that aren’t afforded to US born people with more melanin.

✨ I’m queer, but i’m in a lesbian relationship with another feminine woman. Which is the most acceptable kind of queer to most homophobes, since it appeases their se❌ual fantasies.

✨ I’ve seen a wide range of the economic spectrum.

✨ I was lucky to have two loving, educated parents even though I had to raise myself starting at 14.

✨ Because of these circumstances, I have an awareness of far more oppression than I was personally affected by. And because of my privilege, I can also understand why it can be so hard for some people to conceptualize what it’s like to be marginalized, when they have never experienced it.

✨ Many times people have expressed their xenophobic, ageist, sexist, racist, classist, transfobic and homophobic beliefs around me. And more times than not, I chose to stay silent and not cause a fuss. “Because we all evolve at our own pace” and “it’s not my place” I would tell myself. A comfort afforded by my privilege, that continues to perpetuate this vicious world of patriarchy.

✨ We need to be able to challenge our people. We live in a misogynistic, racist system and most of us are programmed to act in ways that support and perpetuate this system.

✨ May we always have the strength and courage to speak up for what we believe in.🙏💓✨

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