The Art Of Letting Go: An Abstract Painting Coven

Are you tired of trying to follow along with tutorials that just don't click?

Are you ready to let go of the pressure to create something "perfect" and instead, embrace the freedom of abstract art?

Are you willing to let go of control and let your heart guide the way?

If so, this circle is for you.


Every other week, we will gather on Zoom to explore the world of abstract painting and surrender.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will find a warm and supportive community in our group.

We will start by learning about different techniques for applying paint and building up layers, and then move on to more advanced concepts like composition and color theory.


This class is much more than just learning how to paint. It's about surrendering to the creative process and letting go of the need to control the outcome. 

Through guided meditations and exercises, you will learn how to trust your intuition and let go of any self-doubt or perfectionism that may be holding you back.

Doing these practices will affect how you show up in all areas of life. Most of our suffering comes from attachment to a certain outcome. Learning to flow and surrender opens you up to broader horizons and invites miracles.

There will be opportunity for feedback and intimate sharing of any emotions that may arise through this process. Come as your authentic self with all of the perceived flaws and stagnations.

Come join us and unleash your inner artist!

The circle is limited to a small number of students to ensure that you get personalized attention and support.


My vision is to host an ongoing group where we build momentum together, creating trust in community and developing our skills together. It's based on a monthly membership and you can cancel any time, although I strongly encourage to commit for at least 3 months.

Will be moving in 3 month cycles so it would be great to flow through the whole process. This exploration may bring up some grief or other heavy emotions and resistance. Having a 3 month commitment will give you best results so you can ride those waves. 



Due to the nature of the course, we may feel inspired to take it in a different direction. The thing about letting go is being finely attuned to what wants to happen in each moment. It's always good to have some direction to start with so here's the plan for the first few sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Intuition - In this session, we will discuss what intuition is and how it can be developed through various exercises and techniques. We will also explore different ways to tap into our intuition and how to trust our inner guidance.

Session 2: Mindfulness and Painting - This session will focus on the connection between mindfulness and painting. We will explore techniques for cultivating a present and focused state of mind while painting, and how this can lead to more intuitive and authentic expression.

Session 3: Exploring Color and Texture - In this session, we will experiment with different color palettes and textures, and learn how to use them intuitively to create depth and movement in our paintings.

Session 4: The Power of Symbolism - We will explore how symbols and archetypes can be used to tap into our subconscious and create deeper meaning in our paintings. We will also learn how to incorporate symbolism into our work in a way that feels authentic and intuitive. 

Session 5: Working with Inspiration - This session will focus on how to find inspiration for our paintings and how to use that inspiration to guide our work. We will also learn how to let go of preconceptions and trust in the process of painting.

Session 6: Putting it all Together - we will bring everything we've learned together and create another painting, using all the techniques and exercises we've covered thus far. We will also discuss how to continue developing our intuition and skills as artists.

All the sessions will be 2 hours and will be held once every other week.

Sessions will be recorded but live participation is strongly encouraged.


We will have a telegram group to have an ongoing conversation and to receive support outside of our calls. 



You will need a set of acrylic paints, glazing medium, various brushes, a canvas, a sketchpad, a journal along with any other materials you would like to use. 


2/23 & TBA

Time: 4pm PST, 6pm MST, 8pm EST

Dates and times are subject to change. If you feel a strong pull to participate but absolutely cannot make these times, please reach out. If there's enough interest from international students I may create an alternate group.



Membership is $150 per month.

You're free to join and cancel anytime.

Sign up now to secure your spot and reclaim your inner artist.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me 

I look forward to helping you take your creativity to the next level!

Much love, Be Well!

Domė Moon